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Vignettes of Sancti Spiritus in 2012

Escambray reproduces photos of some of the most remarkable events of 2012 in S. S.

The Records of the Largest Reservoir in Cuba

Since 1972, the concern for the Zaza Dam has increased in Sancti Spiritus and Cuba as well, because nowhere else in the country such a volume of water can be stored.

Zaza Dam Evacuated More than 140 million in less than 48 Hours

From Monday 8:00pm to Wednesday 4:00pm, Zaza dam evacuated through the Cayajana gates more than 140 million cubic meters, a figure that reveals the magnitude of rainfall recorded in Sancti Spiritus and therefore the abundant runoff which came to Cuba’s main reservoir.

Reservoir Stocks Up after Heavy Rains in Sancti Spiritus

Rain fallen in Sancti Spiritus during the last 24 hours represent 61% of the historical average reported in October in this central Cuban territory. Thus,   the amount of water collected in reservoirs has been increased.

Sancti Spiritus: Isaac Left Wet Memories Behind

If we were to analyze tropical storm Isaac from the prevention point of view, we must say that it became sort of training exercise for local residents in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba.

Zaza Dam Floodgates Open

After the heavy rainfall reported in Sancti Spiritus this Sunday, the water volume at the local Zaza dam went up to 940 000 000m³. That’s why, it was decided to open four of the six floodgates at the Cayajana overflow channel.

Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus Features Large Hydraulic Infrastructure

If we were to determine a region in Cuba to illustrate both, the magnitude and infrastructure of the hydraulic works undertaken by the Revolution since the creation of the National Institute of Water Resources (INRH, in Spanish), we will definitely have to refer to Sancti Spiritus.

Sancti Spiritus Reservoirs Benefit from Rainfalls

Sancti Spiritus water reservoirs greatly benefited from the rain fallen in June, when 1 147 000m³ were collected. This represents 90 per cent of the overall water capacity of the territory.

Rainfall Refuses to Stop in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Taking into consideration the way in which rainfalls have behaved in Sancti Spiritus during recent days, it might seem that this central Cuban territory was chosen by nature for a sort of rain test.

Esteban Lazo Calls for Reasonable Use of Resources in Sancti Spiritus

Cuban Council of State Vice President Esteban Lazo called in Sancti Spiritus for a reasonable use of the resources allocated for recovery tasks, specially fuel, and not to give up in the fulfillment of the scheduled plans.

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