Newspaper from Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

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Turkey Plans to Ease Trains for Women

A project has been announced aimed at designating separate railway carriages for women on intra-city trains

Sancti Spiritus Implements Gender Strategy in Agriculture (+photos)

The policy aims at allowing men and women to share functions both in the domestic and work areas

Cuba Marks 53 Anniversary of Women Federation

Women in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba mark the 53rd anniversary of the Cuban Women’s Federation at a site near the place where former Federation president and heroine Vilma Espin once told them that from that heroic piece of land Cuban, women would always stand firm in any front assigned by the Revolution. […]

Women in Sancti Spiritus Handed Over Lands in Usufruct

The female labor force in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, represents more than the 20 percent of the total membership of the Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA) and more than 15 percent of those are inserted in the Credit and Service Cooperatives (CCS).

Sancti Spiritus: Over 47% of Workers are Women (+photos)

Women from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus welcomed the International Women’s Day with the satisfaction of accounting for the 47,5% of the state civilian labour force in the territory.