State Sponsors of Terrorism: Meaningless List

State Sponsors of Terrorism Cuba

Almost always the culprit tries to divert the focus to another course to go unnoticed. Thus, the US government has been acting against the scourge of terrorism, accusing others of committing it while the administration itself has become the worst terrorist in the world. And this hackneyed theme which already »

Cuban Youth Condemns Terrorism, Supports Cuban Five

Cuban youth will take to the streets again this Tuesday to demand justice for the victims of terrorism, and freedom for Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero, who are still kept in US prisons for fighting terrorist acts. “I’m Cuba”, will be the proclamation of the young marchers all »

In a Metal Barrel Filled with Cement

After 36 years of anxiety, Argentinean experts confirmed the finding of the remains of Cuban diplomat Crescencio Nicomedes Galañena Hernández, who was kidnapped on August 9th, 1976, in Buenos Aires, and later on murdered by terrorist groups sponsored by the Operacion Condor (Operation Condor).»