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Young Cubans Heads to Sochi: Alegna Peralta’s Passions

For Alegna Peralta González, being a delegate to the World Festival of Youth and Students is both expectations and responsibilities

Dmitri Peskov: US Sanctions Myopic and Illegitimate

Russian Press Secretary, Dmitri Peskov, has termed the US sanctions policy against his country as ”myopic, illegitimate and with no perspectives” and reiterated the principle of defense of Russian national interests

Russia Ready to Counteract NATO Actions

Russian president has pointed out that NATO’s activity near the borders of his country is a strategic error

Cuban President Sends Condolence Message to Russia

Cuban President Raul Castro has expressed his deepest condolences to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin after the recent tragic plane crash in the Black Sea, in which 92 people were killed

Russian Defense Ministry’s Plane Crashes Near Sochi

A Russian defense ministry aircraft on its way to Russia’s military base in Syria has crashed on the Black Sea killing all 92 people on board, Russian authorities confirmed on Sunday

Andrei Karlov, Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Murdered in Ankara

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was fatally shot Monday while delivering a speech at an art exhibition in the capital city Ankara, according to Russia’s RIA agency

Medvédev and Díaz-Canel Analyze Links between Russia and Cuba

Diaz-Canel and his accompanying delegation are on their first official visit to Moscow to review the state of relations between Russia and Cuba, which is considered to be excellent

Cuban Heroes Conclude Visit to Russia

The five Cuban fighters against terrorism, and the also Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Colonel Orlando Cardoso, and relatives today concluded a visit to Russia in compliance with an invitation of the State Duma (Lower House)

Cuba: Chernobyl Tragedy Was a Symbol of Cooperation

Cuba said today at the United nations that the response to the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, was a proof of collaboration in line with the mandate of the organization’s Chart

Fidel Castro Highlights Importance of Pope Francis-Patriarch Kirill Meeting in Cuba

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, said that to struggle for peace is the most sacred duty of all human beings when emphasizing the singular importance of the meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Kirill

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