Beijing Urges U.S. to Respect China Core Interests

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing will not accept unilateral demands from Washington

China would not accept a list of unilateral demands from Washington for negotiations with Beijing, Wang Yi said. (Photo taken from RHC).

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned that Beijing will not accept unilateral demands from Washington, urging the United States to truly respect China’s core interests.

Speaking to Chinese state media about his recent meetings with foreign ministers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea, Wang said that his Asian counterparts believe that China’s development conforms to the long-term interests of all countries in the region and should not be blocked.

He said the Asian diplomats believed that in the post-pandemic period, China and the US should have more regional cooperation, instead of confrontation.  Dismissing the repetitive arguments of competition and confrontation put forward by the US, Wang warned Washington not to presume that it has a final say on global affairs.

He said China would not accept a list of unilateral demands from Washington for negotiations with Beijing, before adding that “the door for dialogue with China is open. But the dialogue should be done on equal basis and with mutual respect.”

“China welcomes cooperation if there is the need, but cooperation needs to take into account each other’s concerns and mutual benefit. It cannot go in the fashion of one side unilaterally raising conditions and making lists,” Wang noted.  China will engage in fair competition if necessary, but the two sides must “refrain from setting obstacles, abusing power, and depriving others of their legitimate right to development,” he said.

Complaining about “gross interference in China’s internal affairs, and unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed on the basis of lies and false information” Wang said that, “If the US continues to confront, China will take it calmly without fear.”

China, he said, would not make compromises or withdraw from the world stage “because there are many developing and small and medium-sized countries behind us.”   Wang added that Beijing has every right to fight back because it must protect its national sovereignty and integrity.

Meanwhile, the top Chinese diplomat warned that “dialogue is better than confrontation, and cooperation is better than confrontation.”   He further urged the US to effectively respond to regional and international demands, collaborate with China to demonstrate what a major power should beheave, and work jointly to sustain regional and global security, peace, prosperity, and growth.

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