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Venezuelan Opposition Forces Attack Maternal-Children Hospital

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez announced on her Twitter account that “armed gangs hired by the opposition attacked a maternal and children’s hospital with 54 children (inside)”

Venezuela Blames Opposition for Protest Deaths

Leaders of the opposition announced they will continue their protests on the streets of Caracas to force the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela Still Willing to Hold Talks with Opposition

The Venezuelan government has accepted to continue talks to resolve differences and establish a common policy for peace and economic development

Venezuela Calls for Political Behaviour in Peace Dialogues

Venezuelan diplomats and representatives of the international community highlight the need to adopt political behavior conducive to consensus between the  government and the opposition in the peace talks

Bolivian Government Says Opposition Readies to Overthrow President

The dirty war against the president increased days before the referendum of February 21, where the public had to rule on an amendment to the Constitution

Demonstrations Continue in Ecuadorian Cities

Opposition to the government of Rafael Correa in Ecuador held protests in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil on Thursday.