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Hurricane Irma Hits Eastern Baracoa

First photos of the effect of powerful Hurricane Irma on the Cuban eastern territory of Baracoa

Cuba: Recovery Efforts Continue in Guantánamo

To date, around 29,600 homes, or 70% of the 42,338 damaged by Hurricane Matthew, have been repaired, due in large part to the efforts of the Cuban state

United Nations Allocates Budget for People Affected by Matthew

The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) will contribute 5.3 million dollars to guarantee the people affected by hurricane Matthew in Cuba first necessity items, according to a release by the UN Cuba office

Solidarity Help from Venezuela Arrives in Santiago de Cuba

The resources sent are mostly of construction material to be used to repair the infrastructure severly damagged by Hurricane Matthew in eastern Cuba

Cuban President Tours Eastern Maisi to Check Recovery Actions

Cuban President Raul Castro assessed the damage inflicted by hurricane Matthew in the easternmost zones of Cuba and said that it’s now crucial to exactly and rapidly identify the damage to know what do in each area

Cuban Government to Finance Half Expenses of Houses Reconstruction

The Cuban government announced it will use its budget to cover 50 percent of the cost of the construction materials needed for the victims of hurricane Matthew to repair their houses or build new ones in case of total destruction

Raul Castro Visits Eastern Baracoa to Oversee Recovery Tasks after Matthew

Cuban President Raul Castro presided over a working meeting to learn about the details of the recuperation works underway in the Cuban easternmost city of Baracoa, severely affected by Hurricane Matthew. Raul arrived in eastern Cuba before the powerful Matthew hit the island as a category four hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 220 kilometers […]

Sancti Spiritus Helps Recovery of Telephone Service in Guantanamo

Telecommunication Company (ETECSA) workers from Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, arrived in Eastern Guantanamo to contribute to the recovery of the considerable damages caused to such services by Hurricane Matthew. According to Misladys González, head of the Marketing and Communication group of that Company, these workers left Wednesday along with several others from different territories of […]

UN Offers Support to Cuban Territories Affected by Matthew

The United Nations (UN) system in Cuba expressed its solidarity with the country, with those affected by Hurricane Matthew, which with Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale hit the easternmost side of the island

No Deaths So Far Reported in Cuba Despite Matthew

After Hurricane Matthew in the eastern region of Cuba the Cuban authorities quantifies the damage caused by the weather phenomenon, but for now, television reports do not reflect casualties

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