Message from the Five to the World and the American People

The five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who were unfairly given extremely long sentences in the United States, sent a message to the world and the United States on September 12, marking 15 years of their unfair incarceration for having monitored US-based violent organizations that planned terrorist actions against their country and »

Sancti Spiritus Demands Freedom for the Cuban Five (+photos)

With a yellow-dressed plaza, thousands in Sancti Spiritus demanded this morning,  in the Serafin Sanchez Valdivia Revolution Square,  the release of the Cuban Five, precisely this September 12, the 15th anniversary of the imprisonment of Ramon, Gerardo, Antonio and Fernando. Message from the Five to the World and the American »

Rally for the Freedom of the Five Starts in Sancti Spiritus

It’s  seven o’clock in the morning and Sancti Spiritus cries out, once more, for the freedom of the five Cuban antiterrorists who have been unfairly kept in US prisons for 15 years now. Thousand local residents have gathered at Serafin Sanchez Valdivia Revolution Square to demand the return of Gerardo »

Sancti Spiritus will Ask Obama to Grant Pardon to the Five

Thousands in Sancti Spiritus, gathered this September 12th in the Serafin Sanchez Valdivia Revolution Square, will demand Obama to free Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez , imprisoned for 15 years in U.S. Sancti Spiritus: Five Days for the Freedom of the Cuban Five Sancti Spiritus: Yellow »