Members of Cuban Parliament Meet in Plenary Session

After two days of meetings as part of the twelve permanent commissions of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament), on Thursday, the members of the legislative body begin their work in plenary sessions to discuss and assess key social and economic issues.»

Cuba: Permanent Commissions of Parliament Conclude Debates

The permanent commissions of the Cuban Parliament conclude discussions on Wednesday on the economic plan and the budget for 2012. According to the Constitutional and Legal Program of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament) deputies will analyze the laws approved in the context of updating the economic model of »

Permanent Parliament Commissions on session in Cuba

The 12 permanent commissions of the National Assembly of Peoples Power debates in Havana on economic bills and the 2012 budget in their areas of competence. The working groups take into account the agreements of the 6th Congress of the Communist Party related to the update of the economic model »