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Lula Continues to Tour Brazil in Caravan of Hope

During the 20-day tour of northeastern Brazil, the former Brazilian president will visit 25 cities through nine states

Lula Wins Six Points in Vote Intention for Presidential Election

According to a poll carried out by the DataPoder360 institute, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva has strengthened his leadership in the race to the 2018 election

Lawyers Filed First Appeal on Lula Ruling

Lula was found guilty of accepting bribes from the engineering firm OAS in the form of a beachfront apartment in Guaruja

Lula da Silva Charged of Alleged Corruption

Lula was sentenced Wednesday to nine years and six months in prison for allegations of being implicated in the Petrobras corruption network

Brazil Trial Might Remove Michel Temer from Office

Although the trial is expected to be resumed next June, it could take up to a year before a verdict is reached

Pope Francis Chooses Not to Visit Brasil

His Holiness had been invited to commemorate the 300-year anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Aparecida, the principal patroness of Brazil

Thousand Brazilians Demonstrate against Temer on Independence Day

The protesters denounced cuts to social programs and demanded protection of human rights on the ocassion of the celebration of Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Senate Approves Trial against Dilma Rousseff

The Brazilian Senate has approved, by 59 votes in favor against 21, a request to put the constitutional president Dilma Rousseff on trial for abuse of responsibility

Brazil: Lula Favored in 2018 Election, Temer Tanks at 5%

Lula has expressed interest in running in the 2018 election, saying that the more he and his ally Rousseff are attacked, the more likely he is to run

Maranhao Retracts and Approves Impeachment against Dilma

Without any explanation, the acting president of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, Waldir Maranhao, today revoked his decision to cancel the session during which the impeachment request against Dilma Rousseff was admitted

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