Brazilian Opposition Parties Join Efforts against Bolsonaro

Opposition leaders launched a petition for the removal of President Jair Bolsonaro from office

Bolsonaro has called governors criminals for imposing lockdowns. (Photo taken from
Bolsonaro has called governors criminals for imposing lockdowns. (Photo taken from

Brazilian leaders of opposition parties came together in an unprecedented effort and launched a petition urging for the removal of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro from office, due to his poor and dangerous management of the new coronavirus crisis.

“Bolsonaro is more than a political problem, he became a public health problem, he lacks magnanimity.  He should resign, which would be the least expensive gesture to allow a democratic exit for the country,” according to the document.  The president should be “contained urgently” and should pay for the crimes he is committing against the Brazilian people, the signatories added.

A health emergency in the South American country has been worsened by an “irresponsible” president, who has been undermining the pandemic and putting lives in danger, the opposition said, denouncing the president as the main obstacle to face the outbreak, to save lives and to guarantee an income for the families in need.

Bolsonaro is not in a position to govern the country and face such a pandemic, they insisted.  “He (the president) compromises the health and the economy, commits crimes, manipulates information, lies and encourages chaos while taking advantage of the desperation of the most vulnerable population.”

The opposition also called for a national emergency plan to maintain and enforce measures to reduce social contact, to make more ICU-beds available and to import a sufficient number of tests and protective equipment for health personnel.

Among those who signed the petition are Fernando Haddad, the former presidential candidate for the Workers’ Party; Ciro Gomes a lawyer and politician affiliated with the Democratic Labor Party; and Guilherme Boulos who is a member of the Socialism and Freedom Party. 

While the president was mocking health experts including his own health minister, minimizing the outbreak and launching a campaign dubbed “Brazil Cannot Stop,” 165 people died from the COVID-19 and confirmed cases topped 4,661, according to the data compiled by United States-based Johns Hopkins University.

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