Marluzio Ferreira: I Come Here Because I Really Like Cuba

This Brazilian fighter, member of the May Day International Brigade who recently visited Sancti Spíritus, is a tireless representative of the solidarity-with-Cuba movement

“The northeast of Brazil did not fall into Bolsonaro’s trap”. (Photo: José A. Rodríguez / Escambray).
“The northeast of Brazil did not fall into Bolsonaro’s trap”. (Photo: José A. Rodríguez / Escambray).

For Brazilian Marluzio Ferreira, a native of the state of Ceará, in the northeast of Brazil, coming to Cuba is an award that he grants himself and, full of enthusiasm, he describes this feeling:

“I come because I really like Cuba. Latin America and the Caribbean have a great debt to this country where I try to come because it allows me to recharge my revolutionary batteries with this beautiful and caring people, with the certainty that the Revolution will survive. I reiterate that I like Cuba in general, its fields, its cities, its people, but above all the love of that people to their homeland and to the Revolution”.

How many times have you come to Cuba?

This is the second time I come here with the May Day International Brigade, but I’ve already set foot eight times in this land, which is so close to our idiosyncracy and our feelings.

What do you think about Bolsonaro as the man in power?

I can say that in Ceará, in the state where I come from as well as in all the northeast region of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro could not delude the voters and he was not supported in any of the municipalities.

Unfortunately, Bolsonaro’s government is a fraud, a fraud of technology, a fraud of misinformation, is the expression of the Israeli-Brazilian confabulation which is not concerned about the people of my country. Certainly, the day will come when Bolsonaro will leave power because that government will lose the next elections.

If you have already come eight times, do you already have any friends around here?

Yes, I do. I’ve met many Cubans. I would like to thank Fernando González Llort, the president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, for this wonderful opportunity to come to this country and be able to develop the Lula LibreYa Campaign internationally. In Brazil we are very happy and we will walk forward in this struggle for the freedom of our true president.

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