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Spanish Director Announces Film about Carlos Acosta

Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC) will participate in the stage of production

Cuban Ballet: Marta Garcia Dies in Spain

The famous Cuban Ballerina Marta García died today in a hospital at 68 years old from lung cancer, according to sources close to the artsist

Laura Alonso Ballet to Perform Classical Pieces in Havana

Prodanza Center and the Laura Alonso ballet companies are arranging the final details of a program of classical pieces in Havana for this weekend

US-Cuban Ballet Performance Premieres in Havana

A joint U.S.-Cuban ballet production was launched in Havana Sunday, amid warming ties between the two nations.

Ballet Professor Fernando Alonso Passes Away

One of the most outstanding figures in the dance world and the Father of Cuban ballet, Fernando Alonso, passed away on Saturday, July 27th, at the age of 98.

23rd International Ballet Festival Concluded in Havana

Twelve different pieces from diverse styles, genres and eras characterized the program closing ceremony of the International Ballet Festival in Havana.

Iberoamerican Choreography Award Granted at Havana Festival

Cuban dancer and choreographer Irene Rodriguez received the Alicia Alonso award at the VIII Iberoamerican Choreography Competition (CIC) for his work “The crime was in Granada,” inspired by the Spanish poem by the same name, by Antonio Machado (1875 -1939).

International Ballet Festival of Havana Kicks Off in Cuba

The XXIII International Ballet Festival of Havana kicked off this Sunday in the Avellaneda hall at the National Theater of Cuba, with a parade of all generations of dancers led by prima ballerina Alicia Alonso.

Spanish Ballet of Cuba to Perform in Sancti Spiritus

The Spanish Ballet of Cuba (BEC, in Spanish) will perform this week in Sancti Spiritus, as part of a national tour on occasion of its 25th foundation anniversary.