Sancti Spíritus

Trinidad Museum Receives Personal Items Donation

Personal items of fighters who took part in the War against the Bandits (LCB, in Spanish), which was fought in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, were handed over to the LCB National Museum, in Trinidad.»

Millionarie Investment in Villa San Jose del Lago (+photos)

If renowned Bishop Juan José Díaz de Espada y Fernánez de Landa —who centuries ago enjoyed the thermal waters of Villa San José del Lago— were still alive, he would have for sure welcomed the over a million budget earmarked for the refurbishment of the touristic village located in the …»

Military Honors at the Northern Front

The merit of Las Villas North Front’s men, and in particular the unifying role of their leader, Commander Camilo Cienfuegos, were highlighted in a military ceremony held Tuesday in Yaguajay, to honor the combatants of that force fallen during the national liberation war, or after the triumph of the Revolution …»

Zero Infant Mortality in Sancti Spiritus Mountains

During 2015, no maternal or infant deaths have been reported in Sancti Spiritus’s Plan Turquino mountainous regions, an indicator that distinguishes the work of the health professionals linked to the Mother and Child Care Programme (PAMI) in difficult access areas.»

Sancti Spiritus Congratulates Fidel Castro

Institutions and organizations of Sancti Spiritus hold celebrations to mark the 89th birthday anniversary of Cuban Revolution leader, Fidel Castro, this August 13th. He no longer walks with long steps, nor dresses up with his olive green suit; he now wears plaid shirts. He’s a human being, not God, although …»