Sancti Spíritus

Trinidad and Tobago Hosts 4th Cuba-Caricom Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro leads the island’s delegation to attend on Thursday in this capital the 4th summit meeting between Cuba and the eight member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The event aims at exploring areas of collaboration, and is a new opportunity to strengthen cooperation, expand investment and, …»

Raul Castro Meets Official Agenda in Trinidad Tobago

Cuban President Raul Castro met an intense agenda during his official visit to Trinidad Tobago on Wednesday, prior to his participation, heading the Cuban delegation, at the 4th Cuba-CARICOM Summit that opens on Thursday in Port of Spain. Raul Castro Arrived Wednesday in Trinidad and Tobago today, where he was …»

Non-State Jobs Contribute Largely to Cuban Budget

by Enrique Ojito Linares The 34 300 000 pesos added to the state budget during the first 10 months in Sancti Spiritus province, via tributary obligations, confirmed the great impact of the flexibilization and widening of the non-state sector in Cuba’s economy one year after these new regulations were put …»

Cubans Honor Medical Students Murdered 140 Years Ago

by Prensa Latina The students marched from the historic University of Havana down on the popular San Lazaro Street and up to the mausoleum of the eight medical students, where wreaths were laid, including those sent by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro.»

Cabaiguan Refinery “Squeezes” Cuban Crude Oil

by Juan Borrego Diaz After almost twenty years in the business, Sergio Soto oil refinery, found in Cabaiguán, Sancti Spiritus, strEngthens oil productions while getting involved in producing dielectric oil for transformers, asphaltic liquid and viscosity-reducing naphtha, which is highly demanded in the oil extraction process.»

Scientific Forum Underway in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

by Dayamis Sotolongo Rojas Medical services in Sancti Spiritus will be exposed through more than 500 works in the Scientific Forum to be held from May 23rd to 27th in the Camilo Cienfuegos Hospital from this central Cuban province.»

Cuban Party Members Urged to Change Mentality

by Mary Luz Borrego Díaz Presided over by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, the Provincial Party Assembly in Sancti Spiritus focused debates on significant economic issues and the need to change both working methods and styles. Jose Ramon Monteagudo Ruiz was elected first secretary of the Communist Party in the territory.»

Machado Ventura Presides Over Party Assembly in Sancti Spiritus

Cuba First Vice President and Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, presided over the provincial assembly of this political organization held this Saturday in Sancti Spiritus. At the end of the session, the new Provincial Committee and its Executive Board were …»