The Day Olga Salanueva Waits For

When Olga Salanueva was asked about how she and Rene Gonzalez manage to make their love survive, she answered that there is no formula. She said that their relation, like in the case of the rest of the Five, is based on love. And, as it is said, love can …»

New Book by Fidel Castro Launched in Cuba’s Fair

The book “Fidel Castro in the face of Natural Disasters. Thinking and Action” by researcher Luis Enrique Ramos Guadalupe was launched on Tuesday at the ongoing  21st Havana International Book Fair. The book deals with Fidel´s activity during the passage on the island of different hurricanes since the 1960s.»

Fidel Castro Met with Intellectuals in Havana

The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro reiterated the need to continue struggling and maintain the population informed, in a meeting with intellectuals of the Network in Defense of Humanity, released by local press on Saturday.»

Friends of the Cuban Five in Belarus

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, Kiril Vajromeev, has expressed interest to join the cause for the liberation of the five Cuban prisoners held in the United States since 1998.»

Danny Glover Denounces Media Silence on The Five

Renowned US actor Danny Glover, an activist in favor of the release  from prison of five Cuban antiterrorists arbitrarily condemned in the United States since  1998, denounced the media silence around the case of these men, and called for justice.  »

Cuban Tourism Grew 7.3 Percent in 2011

Cuban Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero announced in Madrid, Spain, that the Cuban tourist industry grew 7.3 percent in 2011, when it received over 2.7 million visitors. According to Marrero, the arrival of 200 000 more visitors compared to the previous year fulfilled the expectations in the ever growing industry.»