Cuban Tourism Grew 7.3 Percent in 2011

Cuban Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero announced in Madrid, Spain, that the Cuban tourist industry grew 7.3 percent in 2011, when it received over 2.7 million visitors. According to Marrero, the arrival of 200 000 more visitors compared to the previous year fulfilled the expectations in the ever growing industry.»

Scarabeo 9 in Cuba for Deep-Water Prospecting

A mobile offshore-drilling rig, the Scarabeo 9, arrived in Cuban waters on Thursday with the purpose of resuming deepwater oil prospecting in the coming days some 22 miles off the Cuban coasts, in the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico.»

Cuba Makes Progress in Sex Reassignment Surgery

Cuban surgeons have performed 15 sex reassignment surgeries, and other transsexual people, who are assisted by a committee in compliance with international standards, are applying to that kind of procedure, an expert said on Monday.»

Goya Nomination for Cuban Gerardo Chijona

Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona was happy and surprised after his nomination for the Goya Awards 2012 with his film “Boleto al Paraiso” (Ticket to Paradise), an honor he dedicated to his working team.»