Domingos Simoes Praises Cuban Work on Health

Cuban News Agency

Cuba turns its weaknesses into strengths and shares what it has to help make the dreams of many nations come true, said Guinea Bissau’s Prime Minister Domingos Simoes Pereira.

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The Guinean premier paid a visit on Friday to Havana’s Center for the Control of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals (CECMED), where the director of that entity, Rafael Perez, briefed him about the performance and objectives of the center as a body with the Cuban health system.

The center promotes and protects the health of the Cuban people with its regulatory, control and fiscalization system that guarantees security, effectiveness and quality of medications, equipment and other medical items.

This visit to Havana opens new avenues for cooperation between Cuba and Guinea Bissau, said the Premier and noted that they are permanently interested in the exchange with the island. “We follow the example of Cuba and feel deep admiration for its people,” said Prime Minister Simoes Pereira.

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