Prensa Latina News Agency

April, 2013

  • 19 April

    UNASUR Calls Venezuelan Opposition to Recognize Election’s Results

    UNASUR special summit congratulated in this capital today Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for his election, and called tacitly the Venezuelan opposition to recognize the April 14 election’s result.»

  • 18 April

    Cuba: Virtual Pharmacy Backs Placental Histotherapy Center Service

    The Placental Histotherapy Center is a Cuban health institution dedicated to the research and application of medicines and cosmetics extracted from human placenta that are under design and programming of a virtual pharmacy.»

  • 18 April

    Gerardo Hernadez’s Cartoon Illustrates French Textbook

    The cartoon will illustrate a chapter of a Spanish book for pre-university education.»

  • 18 April

    UNASUR Members Meet to Discuss Venezuelan Issues

    The Union of South American Nations will hold a summit Thursday in Lima, Peru, to discuss the situation in Venezuela under the premise of recognizing President Nicolas Maduro’s electoral victory.»

  • 17 April

    Venezuela Seeks Way to Stability after Right-wing Violence

    The search for the country’s stability is priority for Venezuelan government after violent actions carried out by extremist groups and fostered by the opposition’s calls to ignore the outcome of the recent presidential elections.»

  • 17 April

    Cuban Doctors Fulfill their Duties in Venezuela

    Cuban doctors in Venezuela continue to do their job with every citizen of that country who demands medical attention, said the island’s Health Vice-Minister Roberto Gonzalez. They provide health care to patients regardless of political affiliation, social class, or other considerations, said the health official this Wednesday in public statements …»

  • 16 April

    Cuba Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Boston, USA

    The Cuban Government condemned the terrorist attacks perpetrated yesterday near the finish line of a marathon in the city of Boston, in the United States, which killed three people and wounded another 176, including 17 reported in critical condition.»

  • 16 April

    Venezuelan Opposition to be Probed for Violent Acts

    Venezuelan parliament president, Diosdado Cabello, asked the National Assembly to start a probe against Henrique Capriles and other opposition leaders for their responsibility for the violence reported in the country.»

  • 16 April

    Venezuelan FM Rejects Opposition Violence

    Venezuelan opposition stopped being democratic on Monday to become fascist, affirmed today Minister of Foreign Relations Elias Jaua during a meeting with representatives of the diplomatic missions credited in that country.»

  • 15 April

    Cuba Celebrates Osleni Guerrero Badminton Victory

    Cuban badminton celebrates the victory obtained by Osleni Guerrero at the 18th Open Tournament of Peru for the first time, when he beat Israeli Misha Zilberman 17-21, 21-13 and 21-11 at the finals.»