June 25, 2021

Venezuela Denounces New US Interventionist Maneuver

According to the minister, the United States continues to seek a transitional government in Venezuela

Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza
Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza
Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. (Photo taken from PL).

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has denounced the latest interventionist maneuver of the US government regarding the elections of parliamentarians to the National Assembly (NA), to be held this year in the South American country.

From the Casa Amarilla (headquarters of the Foreign Ministry), Arreaza showed a diplomatic note issued by the US Executive to several foreign ministries of the world on December 17, in order to seek international support to sabotage and intervene in the parliamentary elections.

According to the text presented by the head of Venezuelan diplomacy, the United States notes the need to seek a transitional government, support the NA (in contempt), and put economic pressure on the presidency of Nicolas Maduro to destabilize the country.

The text demonstrates the insistence of the Trump administration in forcing the downfall of the constitutional government headed by Maduro and attempting against peace and the will of the Venezuelan people, the Foreign minister noted.

‘They insist on a change of government by force in Venezuela, as they did in Bolivia, to call elections under their criteria, under their standards, under their control,’ he stressed.

‘The document is aimed at interfering in the administrative, political and sovereign processes of our country, such as the elections of the NA this year, which shows the interventionist strategies of the US government against the sovereignty of the people, against the popular and democratic will of Venezuelans,’ he emphasized.


Texto de Prensa Latina News Agency

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