June 25, 2021

President of Cuba Pays Government Visit to Artemisa

During his tours of Cuban territories the Head of State has emphasized on essential tasks such as house building

diaz-canel-visits mariel, in artemisa province
diaz-canel-visits mariel, in artemisa province
Miguel Díaz-Canel during a visit to Máximo Gómez Thermoelectric Power Plant, western region of Mariel. (Photo: Boris Fuente).

The Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel travelled on Wednesday to the province of Artemisa on a visit of the Council of Ministers.

During his travels through the Cuban territory, the Head of State emphasizes essential tasks for the country such as house building, production of food and construction materials, among others.

He insists that the country has two priorities: preparing for its defense and economical development.

He also points out the need of linking production with tourism and other sectors, boosting a local sustainable development.

In his opinion, local development produces a raise in salaries, improves living standards for the poulation in the territory and propiciates food sovereignity

Since his arrival at the presidency, Diaz-Canel has stressed that the strategy consists in working on already-designed alternatives, without abandoning the objectives set in function of the greatest well-being for the people.

He is a supporter of science being a productive force, and adding value, development and modernization to an important group of productive processes, thus he grants importance to the reciprocal closeness of the State’s Central Administration and Cuban state businesses with universities.

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