June 18, 2021

Cuba Strengthens Cooperation Links with Russia

A delegation of Cuban officials recently visited Russia for almost 10 days

ricardo cabrisa's visit to russia
ricardo cabrisa's visit to russia
Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas met with several Russian officials. (Photo taken from PL).

Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas’s visit to Russia reinforces the strategic nature of the ties between both countries, economic cooperation and coordination of positions in the international arena, diplomatic sources said in Moscow.

During an almost 10-day visit, the Cuban minister met with executives of over 30 companies related to crucial areas for Cuba’s economic development plan until 2030 and for mutual cooperation between the two countries.

During his last day in Russia, Cabrisas held a meeting with State Secretary and Deputy Transport Minister Dimitri Zverev, with whom he analyzed the state of relations in railway, automotive and maritime transportation.

Cabrisas also met with parliamentary leaders, ministers and leaders of political parties.

The visit strengthened the excellent state of the bilateral political ties and reiterated the common positions in defense of multilateralism, international law, justice and cooperation, according to a note from the Cuban Embassy in this country.

Cuba ratified its support to Russia against the sanctions that are being currently implemented against this brother country. At the same time, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov conveyed his support to Cuba in its fight against the unjust US blockade, the same source stresses.

During the visit, the two nations analyzed the economic, financial, commercial, and cooperation ties, as well as discussed, with the Russian counterparts, the progress of prioritized projects in the main sectors of the Cuban economy.

Russia and Cuba agreed to work quickly with a view to preparing to hold the 18th Session of the Intergovernmental Commission between the two countries in mid-November.

The Cuban delegation was also made up of Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga, first deputy minister of Foreign Trade and Investment; Emilio Lozada Garcia, general director of Bilateral Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other officials from government and the Cuban Embassy in Russia.

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