June 16, 2021

Cuba Reports 564 COVID-19 Patients, 51 Discharged

Today, Cuba reported the highest number of patients discharged from hospitals so far

181 countries are reporting the spread of the disease while Some 1.5 million people have tested positive.

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) reported today 49 new patients with Covid-19, all Cubans, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 564.

In the usual morning press conference, Dr. Francisco Durán, national director of Epidemiology of  MINSAP, reported that 32 of the new confirmed cases were contacts of confirmed cases, 16 contacts of travelers from abroad, and the source of infection is being investigated.

Of the 49 confirmed cases, 26 were asymptomatic, the specialist pointed out.

In addition, he explained that six patients are in critical condition, and five are reported as serious.

For clinical-epidemiological surveillance, 1,867 patients have been admitted and another 9,761 remain in their homes, where they are monitored from Primary Health Care.

To date, 12,023 diagnostic tests have been accumulated on the Caribbean island to confirm the presence of the SARS-Cov2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, in people admitted as suspects and contacts of patients confirmed with the disease.

The Caribbean nation adopts a plan of measures to minimize the spread of the pandemic in the country, with a multisectoral approach, for which the highest authorities insist on social isolation and self-responsibility as ways to curb the contagion.

Health authorities reiterate the importance of being aware of reporting any kind of symptoms and immediately isolating themselves from family and friends.

From this Saturday, public transportation in Cuba will be suspended and various areas of the country will enter a state of Isolation or Quarantine if necessary.

Texto de Prensa Latina News Agency

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