June 25, 2021

Cuba Ministers Explain Measures to Face Covid-19

Workers will be allowed to work from their homes, which will not imply wage cuts or reductions

Marta Feito, minister of Work and Social Security
Marta Feito, minister of Work and Social Security
Marta Feito, minister of Work and Social Security. (Photo: Radio Rebelde).

Cuba is implementing a series of financial and labor measures to deal with the alterations caused by Covid-19 on the Cuban economy.

As per the statements made on TV by Meisi Bolaños, Cuban minister of Finances and Prices, the self-employment activities suspended by the government or by request of the workers themselves are exempt from taxes.

In the case of social security contributions, she said, the necessary postponements have been approved, but the contributions themselves are not suspended, since they imply paying the pensions to retired workers.

Likewise, it was agreed to lower the taxes on enterprises affected by the current situation.

Bolaños stated as well that the workers who can receive wage guarantees (going home at 100% wage for the 1st month, then 60% wage subsequently) are not subject to taxes on personal income nor payment of special contributions to social security.

Marta Feito, minister of Work and Social Security, said that the taken measures respond to the country’s statement that no-one will be left helpless.

The possibility for workers to work at a distance, which does not imply wage affectations, is one of the most outstanding measures.

Should it prove impossible to relocate the workers, they will be subject to wage guarantees.

The official stated that the social security treatments established by the law are being kept up, and that those that have been hospitalized receive a subsidy of 50% of their average salary.

She also said that the families that receive an insufficient income, can be protected by the Social Security, depending on the number of people in said family.

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