Cuba President Evokes José Martí 125th Death Anniversary

Cuba National Hero Jose Marti was killed on May 19th in Dos Rios, current Cuban eastern province of Granma

Death of Marti in Dos Rios, by Esteban Valderrama
Death of Marti in Dos Rios by Esteban Valderrama.
Death of Marti in Dos Rios, by Esteban Valderrama
Death of Marti in Dos Rios by Esteban Valderrama.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel recalled today the 125th anniversary of Jose Marti’s fall in combat, and warned of his call for attention to the danger of the United States to the independence of the island.

‘The Apostle falls in combat, who in an unfinished letter warns of the empire’s dangerous plan against Cuba and Our America. The story confirmed his prediction and affirmed our rebellion’, the president published on the social network Twitter.

Díaz-Canel referred to Martí’s letter in which he alerted about the intentions of the United States to seize the largest of the Antilles and the territories of America.

‘I am already in danger every day of giving my life for my country and for my duty (…) to prevent in time, with the independence of #Cuba, the United States from spreading throughout the Antilles and falling, with that greater force, on our lands of America ‘, he said.

The epistle was written by the Apostle of Cuban independence to his Mexican friend Manuel Mercado, on May 18, 1895 in the Dos Ríos camp, the day before his fall in combat against the Spanish forces.

In the letter, unfinished by the arrival at the camp of General Bartolomé Masó with his troops, Martí stated that ‘what I have done up to now, and I will do, is for that’, referring to his concern about the danger that Washington represented for the region.

The letter has been considered by the scholars of the founder of the Cuban Revolutionary Party as his political testament and in it evidences his strong anti-imperialist character and his opposition to the annexationist currents.

These days, there are various initiatives that are organized in Cuba and in other countries to remember the life and work of José Martí.

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