June 17, 2021

Venezuelan Navy Training Ship Arrives in Cuba

The ship will remain in Cuba until August 4 and will be open to the population from Tuesday to Friday

venezuela ship
venezuela ship
The school ship Simon Bolivar arrived in Havana on Tuesday on an official visit. (Photo: Roberto Garaicoa / Cubadebate)

The school ship Simon Bolivar, of the Navy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, arrived this Tuesday in Cuba on an official visit, as part of its training cruise abroad 31.

Upon his arrival at the bay of Havana, the three-masted brigantine, with 194 crew on board, fired 21 artillery salutes, reciprocated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the island from the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, as a welcome gesture.

Once docked at the Havana cruise terminal, the business manager of the Venezuelan embassy in Cuba, Milagro Sambrano, welcomed the crew of the ship, which makes a voyage through five countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In statements to the press, the ship’s commander, Rear Admiral Alexander Rivero, said that this instructional trip of 6,705 nautical miles is made for the formation of the cadets of the Bolivarian Navy, and is also used to bring a message of peace and solidarity to the people of the world.

Rivero described the relations between the Bolivarian Navy and the Revolutionary War Navy (MGR) of Cuba as important, since mutual benefit agreements have been established for several years.

On Monday, the Venezuelan sailors paid a courtesy visit to the second head of the MGR, Rear Admiral Luis Reyes, who wished them success during their stay on Cuba.

They also have scheduled meetings with the President of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power of Havana, Rolando Garcia, among other activities.

The school ship Simon Bolivar will remain in Cuban port until August 4 and will be open to the population from Tuesday to Friday, from two in the afternoon to nine at night.

Texto de Prensa Latina News Agency

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