June 25, 2021

Parlatino Suggest Dialogue to Solve Political Crisis in Peru

Parlatino considers that if no negotiated agreement is reached, the decision should be made by the people in general elections

Headquerters of Parliament in Peru
Headquerters of Parliament in Peru
President Martin Vizcarra announced on Monday the dissolution of Congress. (Photo taken from andina.pe).

The Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino), based in Panama, called on the Peruvian Executive and Legislative powers to initiate constructive talks to solve the political crisis in the country.

With that goal, the regional legislative body suggested considering the common good and national unity as key criteria, and if no negotiated agreement is reached, the decision should be made by the Peruvian people, in general elections.

In order to contribute to a viable solution, the Parlatino leadership ‘offers its good offices to the parties in conflict and if necessary, the institutional space of its permanent headquarters (?), as a neutral venue for fertile and fruitful dialogue.’

In its statement, Parlatino also expressed concern regarding the political crisis resulting from the clash of powers, ‘a circumstance that harms the State as a whole, with a negative impact on the country’s development and the people’s wellbeing.’

Among the key objectives of Parlatino, of which the Peruvian Congress is a founding member, is ‘to promote, by all means possible, the strengthening of Latin American parliaments to guarantee the constitutional and democratic life of States.’

It also highlights the principle of promoting, ‘with all means available and without prejudice of the principle of non-intervention, the reestablishment of those parliaments that have been dissolved,’ as in Peru’s case.

Texto de Prensa Latina News Agency

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