Armed Forces Ratify Commitment to Venezuelan Sovereignty

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Armed Forces Ratify Commitment to Venezuelan Sovereignty.

The Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino, ratified Thursday the commitment of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) with the effective preservation of the Venezuelan people”s peace, in the face of coup plans led by the United States to violate its sovereignty.

In the Fuerte Tiuna Military Complex, located in Caracas, the military leader issued an official statement expressing absolute loyalty in civic-military union to the commander in chief, Nicolas Maduro, for 2019-2025 term and ignores any illegal act adverse to the will of Venezuelans.

For a long time, a vulgar coup d’état against the legitimately constituted government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been plotting by far-right sectors shamelessly sponsored by imperial agents’ , the FANB statement said.

In this regard, they described the acts as criminals by flagrantly threatening the sovereignty and independence of the South American nation, reaching the limit of trying to establish a parallel government, lacking legality and popular support.

Padrino assured this is a reedition of the April 2002 events when, through a self-proclamation, an attempt was made to disregard the Magna Carta and thus dismantle the public powers to leave the citizens in a defenseless state.

The FANB, ‘faithful to the traditions inherited from Liberator Simon Bolivar’, assured that it would never accept a president imposed in the shadow of obscure interests, nor self-proclaimed outside the law, the statement concluded.

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