Putin Welcomes Fans, Participants in FIFA World Cup

FIFA 2018
Russia will host the tournament from June 14 to July 15 in 12 stadiums spread across cities. (Photo: Facebook /WorldCupRussia2018FIFA).

Russians are ready to offer a real sports party, in an event in which hundreds of thousands of people are expected

President Vladimir Putin greeted the fans and participants in the FIFA World Cup, which will be inaugurated this Thursday, June 14th, and called on them to learn, in addition to the games, about Russia’s culture, history and hospitality.

For Russia, it is a great joy to welcome the football family, the president declared through a video that circulated nationwide, amid extraordinary security measures, especially in the cities hosting the games.

We are ready to offer a real sports party, in an event in which the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people is expected to watch the games in the field by teams from 32 countries.

Russian authorities avoid mentioning the number of people involved to guarantee security, but it is known that special troops from the Navy, border guards and members of the National Guard will be in charge of protection.

Putin issued a decree last year on security measures to be taken during the 2017 Confederation Cup and this year’s FIFA World Cup.


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