Provincial Legislative Bodies Officially Constituted in Cuba

President (C), Vice President (L) and Secretary (R) of the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power in Sancti Spiritus.
Teresita Romero (C) was ratified to chair the Assembly for another five-year period. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

In Sancti Spiritus the delegates ratified Teresita Romero as president and elected Frank O. Cañizares as vice president

Lawmakers to Cuba’s fifteenth Provincial Assemblies of the People”s Power have taken office and elected their presidents and vice presidents, a step before National Parliament is constituted in April.

The new provincial lawmakers will sit for a five year term in each of the island’s 15 provinces

Last March 11, over 7 million Cubans, nearly 86 percent of the electorate, voted for 1,265 delegates to provincial assemblies, as well as for 605 lawmakers to the National Parliament which will open its 9th Legislature on April 19.

According to the island’s Constitution, which was passed by referendum in 1976, provincial legislative bodies are entrusted with fulfilling and have fulfilled laws of the land, pass and supervise the implementation of local budgets, elect and remove the speaker and its deputy.

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