Cuban, North Korean Presidents Agreed to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

Prensa Latina News Agency

diaz canel in korea
Both leaders held talks this Sunday as part of Diaz-Canel’s official visit to Pyongyang. (Photo: Estudio Revolución).

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Kim Jong Un held talks on Sunday in which they committed to continue strengthening bilateral relations

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and the North Korean President of the Workers’ Party (KWP), Kim Jong-Un held talks on Sunday in which they committed to continue strengthening bilateral relations.

In Images: Miguel Díaz-Canel’s Official Visit to Korea

During a dinner offered to the Cuban head of State by his host, Diaz-Canel transmitted a warm salute to him and the North Korean people, from Army General Raul Castro and the Cuban people.

He went on to explain that this visit takes place at a moment when Cuba, under the guidance of Raul Castro, sees a new generation begin to access the main posts of the Party and the Government.

He underlined that it is a continuity process and thus, his visit is of continuity, ratification and commitments.

Referring to the official talks held this afternoon with Kim Jong-Un, Diaz-Canel said both leaders committed to keep strengthening and expanding their relations.

He advanced that Cuba and the PDRK agreed during the private talks, to carry out cooperation projects in the sectors of tourism, education and public health.

Diaz-Canel recalled that Cuba and the PDRK’s relations are historical and are based on mutual respect and admiration. He said the links were founded by the friendship between Fidel Castro and who he called, the Great Leader, Kim Il Sung.

Relations were further strengthened by the work of Raul Castro and Kim Jon-il.

The Cuban president revealed that both he and Kim Jong-Un committed this Sunday to continue strengthening relations between both their countries.

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