Continental Solidarity in Peru Alternative Peoples’ Summit

Cuban News Agency

Cuban delegation to Peoples' Summit in Peru
The Cuban delegation to this event arrived in Peru on Sunday. (Photo taken from

The meeting will begin Tuesday in committees and the opening of the Summit will be on the 10th in the afternoon

The alternative People’s Summit that will take place in Lima April 10-14 will be a great act of continental solidarity, said Gerónimo López Sevillano, secretary general of the General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP).

López Sevillano, one of the organizers of the event, said in response to a question from the Cuban News Agency that the meeting should close with a collective declaration or manifesto agreed upon at the grassroots level, including the members of the National Unitary Command of Struggle, in which the union and popular sectors, the peasants, transportation workers, housewives, among others, are present.

The union leader said that the work will begin next Tuesday in committees that are already conceived and the opening of the Summit will be on the 10th in the afternoon.

Among the activities planned is an anti-imperialist march called Fuera Trump del Perú to be held on the 12th, which also seeks to raise awareness about the harmfulness of the neoliberal economic model they are trying to impose on the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean that brings misery, exclusion, hunger and destroys the environment and agriculture.

Geronimo Lopez condemned the sabotage of Yankee imperialism to the progressive governments of the region, which have implemented inclusive development models.

The United States is coming to Peru to see how to save the corrupt who are committed to robbing the country, like the last one who has just resigned, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, he added.

Peruvians have feelings of friendship with people like Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and others, but we repudiate the presence of U.S. President Donald Trump, he said.

He said that to reassure Trump, his country’s Congress approved the entry of more than 500 U.S. Marines, which has generated a sense of rejection and condemnation.

In contrast to this attitude, he showed solidarity with the Caribbean Island, which he stressed, has always been at the side of the Peruvian people since the 1970 earthquake, contributing to science, doctors and professionals in the country.

We owe Cuba a debt and we support that people and nation, he stressed.

In the auditorium of the teachers’ branch, the People’s Summit will be inaugurated on Tuesday afternoon, inviting the leaders and former presidents of the region to join in the call for a better world.

The Cuban delegation to this event arrived in Peru on Sunday, made up of academics, journalists, sports celebrities, among others.

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