Civil Society, Indigenous People Claim Rights in Lima

Lima summit
In Lima people will call for a more independent and united American continent.

Delegations from about 30 countries of the continent are meeting to analyze the current situation in the world and the region

Representatives of organizations from civil society and indigenous people are vindicating today in Lima the need to have a more independent, friendly, united American continent that promotes development and the wellbeing of its people.

As part of forums held parallel to the 8th summit of heads of State and Government of the Americas, which will take place in this capital on April 13 and 14, delegations from about 30 countries of the continent are meeting to analyze the current situation in the world and the region.

The demand for the overwhelming majority of American governments to implement more inclusive social policies, respect the aboriginal people’s view of the world and defend national sovereignty and independence stands out among the objectives of the debates.

Likewise, participants in those two forums and the Peoples’ Summit, which will open on April 10, will send unequivocal messages denouncing the United States’ hegemonic plans, particularly the pretention of revitalizing the ghost of the Monroe Doctrine.

Bernardo Dolmos, a member of the youth branch of the Patria Roja (Red Homeland) Communist Party of Peru, told Prensa Latina that the events prior to the summit will be an opportunity that must be taken by millions of Latin American people silenced by the power circles to raise their voices.

According to David Hernandez, a Peruvian Law student, the tribunes of civil society must defend the solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and its president, Nicolas Maduro, from whom the Peruvian government withdrew the invitation to attend the hemispheric summit.

One of the invariable stances by social stakeholders and members of civil society in the Americas is to defend Venezuela and condemn Maduro’s exclusion from all activities of the summit, to demand an end to U.S. interference in some States in the region and to articulate strategies.

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