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Venezuela to Hold New Regional Election in Zulia

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The Legislative Council of Zulia approved to hold new elections in December. (Photo: PL).

In the meantime, the president of the Legislative Council, Magdely Valbuena, was appointed as the governor in Zulia

The residents of Zulia state will hold elections again to elect the governor after the refusal of Juan Pablo Guanipa, who refused to be sworn in before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

After Guanipa’s refusal to not swear in before the ANC, the Legislative Council of Zulia declared the absolute vacancy of the post and, therefore, the constitutional body approved to hold new elections in December.

‘We will continue protecting Zulia’s will peacefully, again, in an electoral process,’ Delcy Rodriguez, president of the body, said during the ordinary session of ANC.

She stated that the politician, of the Primero Justicia (PJ) opposition party, rose against the Constitution, because Article 349 states that the public powers will have to be subordinated to the ANC, given its plenipotentiary nature.

Except for Guanipa’s decision, the other four opposition governors of the Accion Democratica party were sworn in before the sovereign power body.

While the process for the election is being organized, the president of the Legislative Council, Magdely Valbuena, was appointed as the governor in charge of Zulia.

Zulia’s constituent member, Willy Casanova, denounced yesterday that Guanipa intended to create situations of violence in the region and for that reason, he was not sworn in.

According to reports, it is possible that the elections in Zulia for the post of governor take place on December 10, when elections for mayors will be held throughout the country, according to a decision adopted by the ANC.


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