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Three US Women Swim from Havana to Key West

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These women believe that when someone sets goals and concentrates on them everything can be achieved. (Photo taken from PL)

Part of the money raised for this feat will be dedicated to cancer patients and to support disabled athletes in their Olympic participations

Inspired by the love between peoples, U.S. citizens Cynthia Aguilar, Aimee Spector and Karen Figueroa began a trip from Havana to Key West, Florida, swimming on a windsurf board (paddle board).

Minutes before starting this feat across the ocean lying on board in a relay race, Aguilar, a 33-year-old Miami lifeguard who has been involved in this sport for three decades, told Prensa Latina at the Hemingway International Yacht Club, the departure point of the small boat, that she wants to demonstrate that ‘when someone sets goals and concentrates on them everything can be achieved’.

Part of the money raised by the two U.S. teachers and the lifeguard for this risky cross of the Florida Strait, paddling their hands at their Indigo table, will be dedicated to the care of cancer patients, as well as to support disabled athletes in their Olympic participations, said the three bold girls at a press conference.

‘We are here, we are human beings and what is important is that love and compassion prevail, we are family,’ said Aguilar, whose grandmother is of Cuban origin.

I have noticed that the Cubans are very warm and kind, and we want to show that things can be achieved out of love and compassion, as our primary goal is to support cancer patients so they have access to medicines, and athletes with disabilities can meet their challenges, and also prime the love between the two nations.


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