New Building Regulations in Mexico City after Quake

Prensa Latina News Agency

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After the September 19 earthquake, 166 of the damaged buildings have been set for investigation. (Photo taken from

The new regulations will be published in the Gaceta Oficial, and will be fundamental to carry out the reconstruction stage

The City of Mexico will implement new norms for constructions in the capital, as well as for rehabilitation of buildings affected by the earthquake of September 19.

The head of the government, Miguel Ángel Mancera, said that the Adviser Council of Experts for Structural Security submitted the regulations, which, he said, would be published in the city’s Gaceta Oficial, and will be fundamental to carry out the reconstruction stage.

I received 10 different norms to update the requirements for constructions in the City of Mexico, in all and each one cover: bases, soil mechanics, concrete, winds and also complementary technical norms for design to face quakes, he detailed.

He asserted it is a package in which work was being done and updating for over six years. This will be the last and more complete update referring to construction in the City of Mexico’, he indicated.

On the other hand, the capital’s government head informed that after the quake of September 19 that demolished and damaged numerous buildings, this office opened 195 files of investigation, related to 166 buildings for crimes such as homicide, fraud and change of use of parcels, among others.

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