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Cuba Leads IberoAm Shooting Tournament in El Salvador

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Eglys de la Cruz is the mostly awarded woman in these competitions. (File photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray)

Sancti Spiritus Eglys Cruz is the leader among the Cuban athletes, winning the individual 50-meter at three positions, with record of 446.9 points

Cuba is leading the 5th Ibero American Shooting Championship ending Tuesday in El Salvador, with 8 gold medals, 9 silver and 3 bronze, followed by Guatemala (3-4-10) and Portugal (3-1-0).

The fourth place is occupied by El Salvador (3-0-2), the fifth by Ecuador (1-1-2), the sixth by Peru (1-1-1) and the seventh by Brazil (1-0-0) after 20 events disputed among 11 countries in competition.

Cuban Eglys Cruz, bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, has three titles, three silver medals and is leading the performance by the Cuban athletes, winning the individual 50-meter at three positions, with record of 446.9 points.

The 2nd place was for Puerto Rican Yarimar Mercado (445.6) and the 3rd was for Guatemalan Polymaria Velázquez (431.2), respectively. Cruz was the gold medalist by teams with 1,693 points, together with her teamamates Lisbet Hernández and Ainerik Cabrera, to excel Guatemala (167.6) and Chile (166.2) after the Cuban team won the laying 50-meter by teams, and she got the 2nd place in the individual, 10-meter rifle individual, and individual by teams.

Now Cruz is the mostly awarded woman in these competitions, with 10 gold, 3 silver and a bronze medals. Cuba also won silver and bronze medals in the 25-meter fast pistol for women (Laina Perez-Sheila Gonzalez respectively) in afinal won by Guatemalan Delmi Cruz (24).

Cuban Jorge Felix Alvarez won the 25-meter fast pistol for men, leaving the second place for Olympic Champion Leuris Pupo, and Cuba won by teams.

The rest of the gold medals for Cuba were in the 10-meter rifle and 50-meter laying rifle by teams, with the trio composed by Reinier Estopiñán, Alexander Molerio and Alejandro Betancourt.

The tournament will end this Tuesday, with the mixed pistol and 10-meter pneumatic carabin.


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