USAID, Panama Papers and Related Speculations

U.S. State Department spokeman, Mark Toner, admitted that Washington financed journalists to hack computers of a lawfirm and put on the show called Panama Papers


Toner argued financing came through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to a group of hackers so they may violate private companies’ information of the lawfirm Mossack-Fonseca, not to “pursue certain objectives or persons”, but to obtain material for independent journalistic inquiries.

Toner’s error was that by revealing the public financing of a criminal action as hacking, he admitted the responsibility in an illegality by an official entity, even though he might believe the USAID acted without being aware of the consequences, something very difficult to believe with the dreadful history of that institution dependent from the State Department.

The USAID has a long negative history in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions, with accusations and very recent judicial demands for illegal, interfering and spying actions that led to their expulsion from Bolivia in 2013, from Russia in 2012 and unanimous condemnation for the subversive project of a Cuban Twitter, known as ZunZuneo.

That the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) based in Washington receives money from USAID confirms its little credit

by integrating the think tank structure created by the real power circles of the United States for their ideological campaigns against progressive political leaders and social destabilization.

The affirmation of its director, Gerard Ryle, trying to “demonstrate that journalism can be done in a responsible way”, is an insult to anyone’s intelligence as really they have not done journalism nor investigation, but pure hacking, harsh and badly intentioned because they have selectively revealed a minimum part of the 11.5 million papers seized in a criminal action that should go to court.

The Panama Papers are a botch job and someone in the State Department, the European Union or the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCED), from where it seems to have started, should be having a hard time for the dirty work.

The failure does not mean the chapter is closed, because when the Pandora Box was opened, the evil crickets spread everywhere and it won’t be easy to keep them quiet as it is happening in Argentina with the doubtful intention of President Mauricio Macri when he created three offshore enterprises and hid them.

This adventure put on the spot figures of political showbusiness who were not in the original program.

The supposed main objective of the “scandal”, to tarnish the international image of Russian president Vladimir Putin after the success of his policy in Syria, totally failed.

On the contrary, people have received evidence that the real tax havens are not in Panama, or the Caribbean islands nor the Pacific, but in the mainland, in Europe and the United States. That really incentivates analysis and true and professional journalistic investigation.

There are those who speculate the Panama Papers are, also, a test balloon of the big power capitalist centers, creators of tax haven services, looking for real control of a giant mass of money calculated in over 30 trillion dollars, which the financial system needs to limit, not so much because the big powers do not receive dozens of billions of dollars through tax evasion, but because of the imbalance it causes to international finances.

There are giant banks very implicated with those moneys which do not apply as national funds and are out of planning of the big economies. In the analyses of the financial crisis such as that of 2008, whose consequences persist, no government mentions them in the adoption of anticrisis measures as those related with interest rates, monetary emission or tax policies, to mention only three.

That is no crazy idea if we take into account there is an accelerated concentration of financial capital in the world in some 30 very powerful families that act over national states’ jurisdiction and even of their entities like OCED even when they control them and hope for a new international financial system that consolidates that empire.

Who knows if the Panama Papers (they could have been from elsewhere, including the United States) are also a calisthenics exercise for more complex enterprisings as the plan to substitute paper money for a virtual coin that works as a video camera that allows the empire to watch every second the fortune or the misery of any human being wherever he may be.

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