Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Seek Crucial Victory in U.S. Primaries

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will seek today in the United States a crucial victory that leaves out of combat their rivals and paves the way to the nomination of their party for the Presidency

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Seek Crucial Victory in U.S. Primaries

The results of the most recent surveys indicate that multimillionaire from New York has his rivals at the edge of the precipice; especially Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), who in case of not winning in his state will pass to the rank of those crushed by the power of the leader.

In equal situation, although less critical, is the governor of Ohio, John Kasich, in a fierce duel with Trump in that state of the North East.

A survey made by the University of Quinnipiac found the New York investor had a lead of two digits over Rubio (46 percent against 20) in a state where winner takes all, 99 delegates.

Farther apart in that state, where the vote of Latino and Afro-Americans has an important weight, followed by Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) with 14 percent, and Kasich with 10 percent.

In Ohio, where 66 delegates are at stake, Trump and Kasich are tied at 38 percent each, while Cruz goes with 16 percent and Rubio three percent, according to the poll of Quinnipiac.

The so-called Supertuesday is formed by the elections in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina and the number of delegates at stake for the party convention can increase Trump’s figure (460) on his nearest rivals Cruz (370) and Rubio (163), according to data published in the RealClearPolitics website.

Meanwhile, in the Democrat side, former secretary of State Clinton maintains a lead to win in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio, although the last two have a strong rally of its rival Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton has 1231 delegates in the bag against 576 Sanders and a victory in two or more states could make an insurmountable difference for the independent Senator of Vermont. In general terms, the campaign for the primaries of today are characterized by the attacks of most Republicans and Democrats against the so-called red showman, who with his populist message, xenophobic, nationalist and belligerent in international politics has the support of important sectors that give him great options to be the nominated one.

However, if he gets to Cleveland, venue of the National Republican Convention, with less than 1237 delegates that give him the automatic nomination, there is a big question mark in an event open and chaotic as predictions go.

If Trump keeps its present rate of 44 percent in the lead, he will get to Cleveland with only 1088, below the 1237 needed for a majority and an scenario will be created that can leave Republicans divided and threatening to destroy the Party, according to experts.

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