Circuba 2016 International Festival Kicks Off

With the participation of Latin American, Caribbean, European and Asian artists, the 15th International Festival, Circuba 2016, begins today in Havana

Circuba 2016 International Festival Starts in Havana (File photo taken from

The event hosts until July 17 the debut in Cuba of Enominne Danza Aerea group (Ecuador), and jugglers of Shih Hao Yang (Taiwan).

The event takes place at the Havana’s Trompoloco big top, and among its main attractions is the performance of famous circus artists, including American Raph David Adamovich. He is the world’s fastest and most accurate knife thrower. Dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the event will also include the show by Argentina skater, Maria Celeste, and other prominent international artists.

A luxury jury composed of 12 professionals, among them the directors of Blackpool Tower Circus (United Kingdom), Laci Enderz; the International Circus Festival of Albacete (Spain), Antonio Alvarez; and the Universoul Circus (United States), Cedric Walker, will grant the awards of the contest.

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