Bernie Sanders Call to Fight World Social Inequality

US Democratic senator and presidential pre-candidate of November Bernie Sanders called on in Rome to fight for the common good and against the growing social inequality in the world

Bernie Sanders Call to Fight World Social Inequality (Photo taken from

Sanders, who is participating in an international meeting on the global economy and social problems, recalled that Pope Francis is a champion in the fight to eliminate this scourge.

In his speech at the event sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the US legislator for the state of Vermont said, referring to his country “our own soul as a nation suffers because the public lost faith in political and social institutions”.

Sanders reiterated his views on the negative effects caused by the penetration of big capital and the most powerful financial interests in politics, in the United States and other nations.

He affirmed that the flow of illicit money, the destruction of the environment and the weakening of workers’ rights are much more severe factors today than a quarter of a century ago when Pope John Paul II issued his encyclical letter Centesimus Annus, a text debated today at the event in Rome.

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