Panamanian Citizens Denounce Plot against Cuba, Venezuela

Panamanian social organizations denounced today that Venezuelan and Cuban counterrevolutionaries aim to use the Panamanian nation as a platform to plot against those nations during the 7th Summit of the Americas.

During an open letter sent to Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo, members from 15 union, student, grass-roots and solidarity groups expressed their deep concern for “the meetings, activities and mobilizations of protests convened by opposition sectors and dissidents from the Republics of Cuba and Venezuela.”

With this acting, they aim to use the country as a platform to coordinate actions to interfere in the internal affairs of these two nations, in addition to offend and denigrate the dignity of the heads of States and the official delegations from Cuba and Venezuela.

The text also refers to the dialogue started between Cuba and the United States for the possible restoration of diplomatic relations, “a process all international community approves and waits, at least, the lifting of the disgraceful economic blockade on Cuba.”

Another issue that captures the attention is the U.S. presidential decree stating Venezuela as a threat for its national security and that of the continent, a measure rejected by all Latin American and Caribbean peoples, the document states.

However, there are some people who seek to plot to become environment rarefied and produce an interventionist statement against the South American nation. Infamous figures of the Cuban counterrevolution and Venezuelan opposition, sponsored by the United States and other extreme rightwing sectors from the continent and Europe, are already arriving for such effects, the letter states.

Despite we will not carry out demonstrations against President Barack Obama, as the national government requested, we will send the demand for the just compensation to the victims of the 1989 invasion, cleaning and decontamination of former military bases, the signatories say.

For such purposes, we respectfully request the national government, to take the appropriate measures, otherwise, Panamanian grass-roots organizations will respect our country, while we held them responsible for any lamentable situation that may arise, the letter concludes.

The Cuban Workers Federation denounced yesterday the exclusion of which it was subjected by the organizers of the Civil Society Forum, one of the four events taking place prior to the Summit of the Americas.

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