Non Aligned Movement Summit Postponed, Says Venezuela

The 17th Summit Meeting of the Non Aligned Movement, originally scheduled to be held in Margarita Island, Venezuela, this year, was postponed for a yet to be set date of year 2016, sources from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry told Prensa Latina.

The meeting of foreign ministers, scheduled to be held in Tehran prior to the summit, was also postponed for next year.

During the 17th summit Venezuela will be handed over the presidency of NAM.

The 16th summit of NAM, held in Tehran, was attended by leaders and high ranking representatives of the movement’s 120 full members, including 24 presidents, three kings, 6 prime ministers and 50 Foreign ministers.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was also present.

The Non Aligned Movement, founded in 1961 amidst the collapse of the colonial system and the liberation struggles of the peoples in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions, has played a fundamental role in preserving world peace.

NAM has a participative, non hierarchical management style that secures the contribution of all member states on equal foot in global decision-making and world politics.


  1. Deborah Osei Twum

    This year markes the 55th anniversary of the NAM. How far has the Movenment gone with its plan
    of action taken during the 16th summit ?

  2. Deborah Osei Twum

    This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement. How has the plan of action taken during the 16 summit of the Movement been instituted?

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