Fidel Castro Talks about Letter Exchange with Maradona

Cuban News Agency

sancti spiritus, escambray, cuba, fidel castro, maradonaYesterday I explained my meeting with the five compatriots that received the title of Heroes of the Republic of Cuba and the prestigious Playa Giron Order -73 days had passed since the arrival in the country of the men that had been just released.

For me, the priority was the reunion of these compatriots with their families, the rigorous checkup and medical attention of the valuable comrades coming from the basements of the horrible imperial prisons, where they endured unjust and criminal sentences for preventing terrorist attacks that could kill children, men and women, youngsters, adults or elderly men and women.

My main interest was the time needed to exchange revolutionary ideas and experiences, which are the raison d’etre of our lives, Fidel adds in his text. Other details delayed the meeting to some extent. The remaining three comrades arrived in the homeland on December.

On January 11, continued Fidel, Maradona spoke about the letter I sent him and showed the document that had awakened curiosity, but in that occasion he didn’t specify details. Last weekend he referred to this exchange of letters again on the Telesur television network.

At the end of his text, Fidel includes the full texts of his letter to Maradona and of Maradona’s answer to that letter.

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