Cuban Health Brigade to Assist Earthquake Victims in Nepal

The 41st Brigade of the Henry Reeve International Contingent specialized on facing disasters and major epidemics, leaves today for Nepal, to assist the victims of the earthquake.

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The group, composed of 49 professionals, including 25 doctors of various specialties, was ready in short time, according to a report released in the Granma newspaper.

Marcia Cobas, deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Health, said that in 24 hours they were ready specialists and equipment.

Cobas noted that the brigade carries to Nepal a field hospital that includes services of a surgical unit, sterilization, intensive care unit, possible diagnoses (including x-ray, laboratory semi-automated ultrasound) as well as areas for consultation and rehabilitation services, one of the most important efforts to make in the coming days.

She stressed that according to reports issued by officials from the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry located in China for organizing the arrival of the brigade, there is great expectation in the population of Nepal by the arrival of the Cuban hospital.


  1. Teresa flavin

    The Cuban nation are a shining light and an inspiration to the whole world. Their selflessness , humanity and humility are to be admired. On a recent visit to Cuba I was overwhelmed by the friendship and culture of the Cuban people., I can’t wait to visit there again because eventhough I have travelled extensively , Cuba is my favourite place not only because of it’s natural beauty but the resilience of it’s people is so admirable.

  2. Teresa flavin

    I’m sure the all these fine medical personnel will be a great asset to the people of Nepal who need help so urgently. Just like the Trojan work they did in Africa containing and eliminating the eboli virus , these doctors and nurses have to be the best there is. I hope they will all be protected as they help the Nepalese nation and return safely to their homeland at the end of this humanitarian mission.

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