Cuba Reaffirms Support of Ecuadorian Government

Cuba has expressed today solidarity with the people of Ecuador, the government of the Citizen Revolution, and President Rafael Correa facing the destabilizing attempts that try to generate a crisis and spark off violence in that nation.


Since June 8, the government of the Republic of Ecuador, lead by President Correa, is confronting violence events and calls for overthrowing the government of the Citizen Revolution in several cities of that country, a statement by Cuban authorities says.

Oligarchic groups, supported by media, internet social networks, and the great transnational press, aim to discredit the legitimately constituted government, generate a crisis and spark off violence in a stable and peaceful country.

The statement says that President Correa and other leaders of the Country Alliance Movement have energetically denounced this new coup attempt and have been at the forefront of popular mobilizations in defense of the Citizen Revolution and rejecting a plan that, according to reports, would be receiving support from abroad.

Given those events, which seem to repeat the same destabilization script applied against other progressive governments of the region, Cuba has expressed its firm and unconditional solidarity and support with the brother people of Ecuador, its Citizen Revolution and leader, Rafael Correa.

It also urges to respect the Ecuadorian law and strongly reject any interference in the internal affairs of that country, in correspondence with the principles of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Peace Zone.

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