Cuba Medical Brigade Returns from Chile

The medical brigade that left for Chile two months ago to provide care to people affected by severe flooding and heavy rains returned to Cuba early this Thursday.

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The group, comprised of 15 professionals -nine physicians, four professionals in nursing and two in hygiene and epidemiology- was satisfied with the work carried out in the region of Atacama, the country’s northern area, where about 5,800 patients were assisted and some 2,500 houses were visited.

Carlos Perez Diaz, head of the brigade, told Prensa Latina that after arriving in there, the contingent found “a complex epidemiological situation.”

He explained that the panorama was characterized by “the environmental pollution, favoring respiratory afflictions, high risk of waterborne diseases, due to the accumulation of excreta, improper final disposal of solid and liquid wastes, difficulties with drinking water.”

Skin problems, mycosis and diseases associated to heavy metals for being this a mining zone, are also on the list, Perez Diaz noted.

However, the physician stated that two months later, the health condition was obviously improved, and the result of the work by those Cuban professionals was seen and well accepted, not only by health’s authorities, but also by the population from indigenous communities and peoples.

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