Venezuelan Central Bank Supports Adherence to MERCOSUR

Prensa Latina News Agency

MERCOSURThe Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), which governs the country’s monetary policy, supports full joining of the nation to the activities of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), sources of the institution reported.

All the BCV technical capacities were focused on guaranteeing Venezuela’s contribution to reach the goals of integration planned by the regional bloc, according to a note regarding this issue.

In that reference, the authority joined the Finance Ministry and the administrative divisions of the Insurance Activity, of the Institutions of the Banking Sector and National Assets to fulfil the required steps with a view to the work within MERCOSUR.

In his weekly column Al Dia with the BCV, the institution mentioned the work to assess manuals and procedure guides to elaborate harmonized statistics.

The bank was also the venue of the meetings of the working commissions of Macroeconomic Dialogue, Public Finances and Monetary and Financial controlling entities, besides other authorities related to the integrationist mechanism.

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