Sancti Spiritus Revolution Square Crowded on May Day (+photos)

The celebration of the International Workers’ Day in Sancti Spiritus was a success.

Thousand residents of Sancti Spiritus marched this 1st of May along Serafin Sanchez Revolution Square on occasion of the celebration of the International Workers’ Day.

The parade was started at 7:30 A.M. after the opening speech delivered by Domingo Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, general secretary of the Cuban Trade Union (CTC) in the territory, who stressed the significance of this historic day for the working class, committed to fulfill the productive plans so as to foster economy, and to strengthen socialism.

The rally was presided over by Jorge Luis Cuevas, member of the secretariat of the Central committee of the Party, and Teresa Amarelles, general secretary of the Cuban Federation of Women (FMC).

The parade was led by a bloc of health workers, who have stood out in important tasks like going abroad to help other people. They marched holding the flags of the nations where Cuban health brigades are currently working.

Members of the 17 trade unions present in Sancti Spiritus march this 1st of May in order to demand the immediate return of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters still held in US prisons.

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