Poll Says Spanish People Back Referendum

The 62 percent of Spaniards support the proposal of a referendum on Monarchy or Republic, brought up to politics with the abdication of the King, according to the poll of the Metroscopia company released this Sunday.
The inquiry conducted by El Pais newspaper, the first after the abdication announced by Juan Carlos on June 2, shows that only 34 percent are against the referendum and four percent are indifferent.

The proposal is supported by broad political sectors and the citizens who since the moment the decision of the monarch was announced they took the streets to demand their right to decide what kind of State the Spaniards want.

The monarchy, however, has the support of the Popular party (PP) and Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), who together have more than 80 percent of the votes of the Chamber of Deputies, where the decision will be taken on succession and referendum.

Republican politicians and analysts estimate that the surprise abdication was decided after the elections for the European Parliament on May 25, when PP and PSOE, guarantors of the monarchy, suffered a significant loss of votes.

If the tendency of the European to general elections 2015 is moved, PP and PSOE will not get even 50 percent of the Congressmen, which would make much more complicated a monarchical succession process, which must be endorsed by parliament.

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  1. Douglas Mackinnon

    Don Juan Carlos is the best thing that ever happened to Spain. What an ungrateful nation! Would they really like to go back to the days of the Franco dictatorship? What if the army decides not to support an elected republican government? Then Spaniards might well find themselves back in 1936 when the Spanish Civil War broke out. That war cost the lives of millions of Spaniards- even though Don Alfonso XIII abdicated after a republican municipal election result stating ” I donot want a drop of Spanish blood to be spilled in my name”

    Problem is the younger generation never had to live under Franco- my late uncle did- he would tell you that Spain was not a nice country to live in during Franco’s dictatorship.

    Spain’s political class is notoriously corrupt- why would you want to elect one of these men to be head-of-state? Don Felipe VI is better prepared than any other man or woman in Spain to head this complex multi-nation state. I have lived under republican regimes most of my life here in South Africa. Give me Don Felipe any day rather than the succession of presidents I have had to live under- both white and black. Many of them were and are corrupt- and all of them used their office to promote the interests of their particular party or faction. Believe me when I tell you that the republican system is not what it is cracked up to be. Just look at the Watergate scandal in America in the 1970s. As regards Spain- The traditionally right-leaning army is unlikely to remain loyal to a Spanish president- especially if he is a socialist. Vive Don Felipe de Borbon!

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